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Since 1985

About Casey’s Pizza

Anthony “Casey” Tolerico…

Casey’s Pizza started out with his grandfather Anthony Tolerico. The “Casey’s” name came from his love of baseball and his favorite player Casey Stengel. Casey Stengel played for the Boston Braves but was most noted for managing the Yankees in the early 50’s and later when the Yankees expanded to the New York Mets. Everyone started calling him Casey and the nickname stuck.

The first Casey’s pizza opened up at Universal shopping plaza in Penn Hills in 1968, a few years later they moved to the Ritzland shopping center. They would make fresh dough every morning and grate fresh cheese everyday and that practice is still done to this day. Casey opened up 5 more locations throughout the years before settling down to this final location in Turtle Creek.

Ellen and Casey
Mrs G., Fred and Mrs T.
Casey Stengel